Environmental Services/Climate Change

AEG has been contracted by the Government of the US Virgin Islands to assist the U.S. Territories as they develop a framework with the capacity to:


1) Assemble and make use of a comprehensive base of information related to climate change vulnerability and risk associated with several sectors of society,

2) Establish relationships among Territorial agencies, Federal partners, NGOs, and University partners to prioritize adaptation and mitigation plans and actions, maximize use of resources, promote economic development and human well-being and reduce risks associated with climate change, and

3) Develop a robust multi-sector climate adaptation strategy.  


Learn more about the program at http://vicca.info 

NABCEP Certified Instruction
(Entry Level and Advanced)

AEG, in conjunction with several of its partners currently offers the NABCEP Entry-Level Photovoltaic Program course, which is a week-long (40 hour) course. The course provides participants with the fundamental knowledge to become a PV technician and with the skills to safely and efficiently build, operate and maintain PV systems. Upon successful completion of the course, participants are eligible to sit for the NABCEP entry-level exam. The course covers PV topics including: markets and applications, safety basics, electrical basics, solar energy fundamentals, module fundamentals, system components, system sizing and principles, and system electrical design.

Development and Management
of Solar Power Plant 

AEG provides electrical engineering services for the purpose of providing an electrical design suitable for permit and construction in compliance with the National Electric Code, utility company requirements and the local authority having jurisdiction. The system size, power output, and other such design parameters shall be reviewed by the client and approved based on client’s expectations.


Solar Hot Water Heating Project

United Nations Environment Program: The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) has embarked on a small-scale funding agreement to accelerate the deployment and utilization of solar water heating (SWH) technologies in the Caribbean Region’s residential, private service sector and public buildings. The overall goal of the Solar Water Heating Market Transformation and Strengthening Initiative is to accelerate global commercialization and sustainable market transformation of solar water heating, thereby reducing the current use of electricity and fossil fuels for hot water preparation in residential, private service sector and public buildings and, when applicable, industrial applications.


Solar Technology: Instruction

Instructor for the Solar Grand Challenge in the Bahamas: Sponsored by the DHL ExpressCountry Managers of the Bahamas, Bermuda and Cayman Islands and powered by STEMBoard, the Solar Grand Challenge is designed to inspire secondary school students to create portable solar solutions that can be implemented for less than $50,000.

Climate Change Report for USVI


We examined the current state of the knowledge and synthesize current and future vulnerability to climate change, climate variability and sea level rise, and to the adaptive capacity of sectors and agencies. We reported on available resources, priorities, and plans by sector and by agency. The goal was to identify existing vulnerability assessments and resources, and identify gaps in information, capacity, or specific climate adaptation actions that can reduce the risks and improve the preparedness, adaptation, resilience of the Virgin Islands to climate change. This synthesis was the basis for a 2016-2017 territory-wide vulnerability assessment and adaptation plan.